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There are several scholarships available through the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Foundation which offers $1,000 scholarships each year, as does the RAWHIDE program.

The Bill Robinson Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to first, second, and third place steer wrestlers, calf ropers, and breakaway ropers at the CNFR.

The Ellen Backstrom Memorial Scholarship is awarded during the CNFR to the cowboy or cowgirl earning "hard luck" honors during the event. The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association alumni provide two scholarships each year to the male and female "Rookies of the Year." Each year the NIRA's student president receives a $1,000 scholarship provided by Specialty Program Insurers.
"Rodeo Athletes on Wellness"
Originally funded by a federal grant from the US Department of Education, RAWHIDE is now governed by the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Foundation. RAWHIDE works within the college ranks through member schools and coaches. Curriculum for the program includes goal-setting workbooks, alcohol abuse informational brochures, motivational videos, wellness and nutrition handbooks, and seminars.
"I love it when the guys I compete against have been out drinking the night before slack or a performance. They've given away a little bit of their edge, they aren't as sharp. It makes it easier for me to beat them."
- Troy Pruitt, World Champion Calf Roper

For more information: (509) 529-4402.

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